-202- If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Fae (tone 01) -Session- Eyes: catwa applier “all about eyes” -Catwa PowderPack October- -Modish-  Hair: Joanna – FABIA-  @Cosmopolitan  Nails: XL Stiletto Nails (Spooku hud on hunt) @OnceUponaTime  -Lybra-  Ring: Witch crystal -Belvi- @AnyBody  Outfit: Mich with chain  -Scandalize-  Shoes: Baba Yaga  -AZOURY-  @TheCoven

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-201- Thinking about you.

Head: Simone – Lelutka- Sponsors Skin:  Sasha (tone 1- no brow option) -E.Vary-  Eyes: catwa applier “all about eyes” -Catwa PowderPack October- -Modish-  Lipstick: Berry kiss -Alaskametro- @AnyBody  Tattoo: Odin -Facade- @MOM  Choker: Ash black -Supernatural- @ShinyShabby  Panties and top: Tailine -Adorez- @AnyBody   Puff Jacket: Mesa Rose -Fame Femme-  @Cosmopolitan 

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-200- ♥

Head: Simone -Lelutka- Sponsors Tattoo: Odin -Facade- @MOM  Hair: Pineapple -Navy&Copper- @ShinyShabby  Bodysuit: Kayla (abyss)-Epoch- @AnyBody  Garnet: Aradia -Codex-  @Kinky Shoes: Caliope  -SlackGirl- @AnyBody  Pose: Amber  -Imitation-  @AnyBody 

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-199- Come on!

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Vella (tone F01) -Modish-  @Cosmopolitan  Eyes: catwa applier “all about eyes” -Catwa PowderPack October- -Modish-  Tattoo: T-28 – Tattoo Mania – @MOM  Top and skirt: Jay & Joy  – Avale –@Cosmopolitan  Hair: hannah  -Mina Hair- @Hairology Pose: Audacity bento pose 1 -K & S- @HME

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-198- Stop watching us!

Head: Simone -Lelutka- Sponsors Skin: Sofia (tone 02-for Lelutka head)  -Session- Eyes: Blender mesh eyes v 1.2  -Session- Tattoo: Charis -Mesange- @AnyBody  Outfit: Alura – Pants and Sweatshirt- -Scandalize-  @Cosmopolitan  shoes: Tina Sneakers   -Fame Femme-  Pose Left: Cute cuple (1) -K & S-@SecretHideout  Pose Right: Lila Bento pose (3) -K & S-@SecretHideout  Location: Hideaway Nude Beach 

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-196- Let the game begin…

Sponsors Head: Gaia 2.1 bento motion capture – LAQ-  Skin and face shape: Fiona (tone 2) -Session- Tattoo: Charis -Mesange- @AnyBody  Choker: Kate  -Supernatural- @TheSeasonStory Harness: Lyla  -Codex-  Hair: Avacado -Navy&Copper-  Pose: milk pose -Bossie- @AnyBody 

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-194- Everything is cool Hun

Skin: Lemon -7deadlySkins- Sponsors Head:  Ana 1.0 Bento Motion Capture – LAQ-  Tattoo: More unicorns please! -QuarStore- @TheChapter4 Hair: Full circle (bento) -Exile-@Collabor88 Top and short: Aylen  -BlackRose- Boots: Nicole boots  -Fame Femme- @Shoetopia Pose: Girl -K & S-@Limit8 Location: Hideaway Beach 

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-193- Hony come closer !

Head: Simone -Lelutka- Sponsors Skin and eyeshadow: Sasha (tone 3) -E.Vary-  Hair: Avy  -Pr!tty- @TheChapter4 Nails: Paws Nails bento -CNZnails- @Rally2Rescue Necklace: Kayla Set  -Supernatural-@Cosmopolitan  Bodysuit: Sorcery   -Lybra- @Salem Pose: Melani (pose and pillow) -Imitation- @AnyBody  (pass round)

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