-333- I found a place to rest my head…


Head: Maia (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Skin and Eyelashes: Julia tone 01  -Session-@eBento

Eyes Applier for catwa eyes: Sparkle eyes  -Session-

Hair: Muse  -Exile-  @VanityEvent

Top: Kylie -Lybra- @TLC

Short: Helena -Blueberry-


-329- Let me tell you a secret.


Head: Scarlet (Bento motion capture) . LAQ . 

Hair: Storm -Exile- @C88


Skin: Violet (tone 08) -GlamAffair-

Bikini set: Jenna – Fringe top option- -Blueberry-

Pose: Ground B-1   -FashiowlPoses-@Limit8 


Skin: Paige (tone 06) -GlamAffair-

Bikini set: Jenna – Pattern option-  -Blueberry-

-322- I can feel the spring in Me.

-322- I can feel the spring in Me.

Head: Genus Bento head Beta -GenusProyect-

Skin: Milly  (tone 07 freackles option) -GlamAffair-

Hair: Dulcet -Exile-  @Vanity

Eye applier: Pick me (gacha) -Sugarjam- @TheSeasonsStory 

Necklace: Eden -Kibitz-@TheSeasonsStory 

Short and top: Flowertime gacha (rare 1 and top16) -Sorumin-@TheSeasonsStory 

Pose: Akemi pose 3 with ice cream -KokoroPoses-@TheSeasonsStory 

-318- Your love makes me happy ♥

-318- Your love makes me happy ♥

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Kira (tone 05) -GlamAffair-

Lipstick: Set 03 -GlamAffair-

Blush: Julija -ChocolateAtelier- @TheSeasonsStory 

Eye applier: Pick me (gacha) -Sugarjam- @TheSeasonsStory 

Rings: Pisione Rings Set -PSYCHO:Byts-@TheSeasonsStory 

Hair: Spring Break  -Exile- 

Outfit: Aile (collab with Noir)  -Scandalize-

Pose: Yassie Bento stand -Kikay- @PoseFair

Background: Vege Backdrop 8 -Minimal-  @TheEpiphany

-313- Happiness always starts with yourself

-313- Happiness always starts with yourself
Head: Greer -Lelutka-

Skin: Giada (tone 07) -GlamAffair-

Eyeshadow: pack 05 for Lelutka head -GlamAffair-

Lipstick: pack 03 for Lelutka head -GlamAffair-

Hair: Aina  -Exile-@C88

Necklace: Oblivion silver set  -Minimal-  

Watch: Fitwatch white  -Minimal-  

Top: Mokatana top  -TETRA- @C88

Skirt: Brit -Lybra- 

Pose: Nova 2   -EntangledPoses-@PoseFair

-306- Remember the places we were together?

-306- Remember the places we were together?

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin and lipstick:  Dakota (tone 2)  -Revoul- 

Hair: Flowers in the sun -Exile- @Rewind

Necklace: Dalva (quartz) -Kunglers-@SenseEvent 

Outfit: Belleza -Fellini Couture-@SenseEvent 

Shoes: Rae Sandals  -Fri. Day-

Pose:  Sophie bento poses 2 rare  -K & S-  @PocketGacha

-302- Let’s dance!

-302- Let's dance!

Head and skin: Beatriz (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Hair: Bloom -Exile- @C88

Necklace: Eudora  -Supernatural-  @TrésChic

Dress and Heels: Sandra (red)   -BelleEpoque- @FaMESHed


Old dining table -Thor- @FaMESHed

Valintines party set /Food and Wooden wall with flowers/ -AphroditeShop- 

Infused Water / Grab a pair to dance some more! /Ceremony Table & Chairs / Polaroid Photocall booth / Polaroid Guestbook – Celebration Set by -Ionic- @ The Chapter 4