-215- Lilly the witch

Head: Lilly – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Annabelle (tone 01)  -Session- Eyeshadow: Shades of cool -It- @4Mesh  Tattoo: Jilted  -Facade-  Hair and base tattoo: Angel for Remnant  -Mina Hair- @Remnant Headphones: Daphne  -AZOURY-  Legs: Heaven -AZOURY-  Outfit: Coven (top/skirt/choker) -Varonis- @PocketGacha Pose: I’m a witch  -K & S- Backdrop: Coven-Varonis- @PocketGacha

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-210- Do you like Scratches?

Head: Catya -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Ling (tone 01) -Session- Tattoo: Cryptic -Facade-  @HME Hair: Autumn Breeze -Exile- Lengerie: Babydoll   -Scandalize- @Kinky Gloves: Aranel -Codex-@4Mesh  Nails: Catarina  -SlackGirl-@4Mesh 

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-205- Kinky little game

Head: Simone – Lelutka- Hair: Leah (roots- old gacha) -Entwined- Sponsors Skin: Tanya (tone 01) -Session- Eyes: Autumn (gacha N° 17) -Lotus- @TheChapter4 Tattoo: Evangeline -Facade-  Bodysuit: Lacy -Lybra- @Kinky Rings: Sandy  -Codex- Boots: Patience -Promagic- @TheChapter4

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-201- Thinking about you.

Head: Simone – Lelutka- Sponsors Skin:  Sasha (tone 1- no brow option) -E.Vary-  Eyes: catwa applier “all about eyes” -Catwa PowderPack October- -Modish-  Lipstick: Berry kiss -Alaskametro- @AnyBody  Tattoo: Odin -Facade- @MOM  Choker: Ash black -Supernatural- @ShinyShabby  Panties and top: Tailine -Adorez- @AnyBody   Puff Jacket: Mesa Rose -Fame Femme-  @Cosmopolitan 

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-200- ♥

Head: Simone -Lelutka- Sponsors Tattoo: Odin -Facade- @MOM  Hair: Pineapple -Navy&Copper- @ShinyShabby  Bodysuit: Kayla (abyss)-Epoch- @AnyBody  Garnet: Aradia -Codex-  @Kinky Shoes: Caliope  -SlackGirl- @AnyBody  Pose: Amber  -Imitation-  @AnyBody 

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-174- Working woman ♥

Head; Catya -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Chanel -Egozy- Shape: Esmeralda -Lilo’s Fit-@TheChapter4 Hair: Ivy .bento. (cute girl gacha) -Sintiklia- @TheChapter4 Tattoo: Hope  -Facade- @HopeAfterHarvey Accesories: Moon set – Avenge- @TheChapter4 Outfit: Bijou outfit -BlackRose- @TAPEvent Shoes: Eranthis Heels – Glamistry –  Pose: Loveliness poses (pack 1)  -K & S- Details!

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-171- It’s Ok if your not here…but my world rocks when you are

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: September group gift (3 tones) -Modish-   Shape: Ravena -Lilo’s Fit-@AnyBody Eyes: Adeline (Rare 17) -LOTUS- @TheChapter4 Leg Tattoo: Ghost  -Facade- Hair: Milena  -Mina Hair-  @faMESHed Necklace: Belle  -Supernatural- Bodysuit: Gina  – Avale – Shoes: Regina Platforms  -Fri. Day- Left Pose: Im into you (pose 3)  -K & S- Right Pose: Loveliness poses (pack 2)  -K & S-

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-160- It could be worse

head: Catya -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Vivian/tone 1/ -E.Vary-  Shape: Danni  -Lilo’s Fit- @TheChapter4 Lipstick: Passion lipstick/omega/ -E.Vary-  Tattoo: Devastation   -Facade- @EBody  Hair: Jenessa/bento/ -Vallani-  @TheChapter4 Choker: Ashanty  -Codex- @FetishFair Rings: Luna rings -Merlific- @AnyBody Shoes: Daddy’s Ningyio -Stelloane- @TheChapter4 Outfit: Irina/shirt/corset/panties -Asteria- @MBA Left pose: Alluring woman  -K & S- Right pose: Aizen -K & S-  Backdrop: Shit Happens -Isuka-  @TheChapter4

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-148- American woman ♥

Head: Catya -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Candyce (golden)  -Egozy- Eyebrows: Curvy Eyebrows -WoW Skins-  Eyes: Intense mesh eyes (catwa/lelutka/genesis/omega)  -E.Vary-  Tattoo: If by Sea  -Facade- @HME Hair: Memory Bliss  -Exile- Rings: The witching hour rings   -Insurrektion- @Cosmopolitan Outfit: Mia bikini   – Avale – Pose: By myself (bento) -K & S-

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