-292- And in this home we will make our loved memories…

-292-  And in this home we will make our loved memories...

Mediterraneo Gacha Set -ionic- @ The Chapter 4

Mediterraneo RARE
Puerta al jardin
Fuente de Primavera

Other items 

LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh -LittleBranch- @ The Chapter 4 

LB_FloweringDogwood{Animated}Seasons 1  -LittleBranch- @ The Chapter 4 

LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-A  -LittleBranch- @ The Chapter 4 


-290- I think I missed the party…

-290- I think I missed the party...

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Anjali (golden)  -Egozy-

Hair: Cookie  -Navy&Copper- @FaMESHed

Dress: Floral Delight  – DeadDollz- @Bloom

Shoes: Hanami Heels -Breathe-@TheChapter4

Pose: Melaina 3  -EntangledPoses-@PoseFair2018 


Afterparty full set : Big Wheel / Palmtrees / Tents / YOLO flower letters / Fences / Lightspsticks and ground decoration / Spots+ ribbons

 -Minimal- @Kustom9

-289- Y sin embargo…

-289- Y sin embargo...

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Demi (tone 2) -Revoul- @Bloom

Eyelashes: Day to night -#oohlala- @TheChapter4

Hair: Lotus  -Mina Hair- @FaMESHed

Nebula Set: Cassiopeia necklace rare/Nebula nose ring/Orion Bracelet -SPELL-

Outfit: Dexi  Leggings/Heels and Top -Scandalize-@TrésChic

Pose: Cross beat -LePoppycock-@TheChapter4

-287- Omg there’s no wifi in the desert lol

-287- Omg there's no wifi in the desert lol

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Minori (satin) -Ds’elles-@SenseEvent 

Hair with visor: Mala  -Beusy-@Kustom9

Outfit: Aza (Jean/top/shirt)  -N-Uno- @TheChapter4

Pose: Good Shot (pose 2- I change the head pose with animare)  -K & S- @SpringFlair 

Scene: After the storm skybox  -Minimal-  @ShinyShabby

-286- The Beauty of Life surrounds you


Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Shantel (tone 3)  -Revoul- 

Lipstick: Yuna -Poema- @TheChapter4

Hair: Amaranth -Mithral- @TheSeasonsStory

Necklace: Mira -Amias –@TheSeasonsStory

sweatshirt: Kimmy off-shoulder -TETRA-@C88

Short: Jean shorts -Empire-

Shoes: Spring has come -Mignon-@TheSeasonsStory

Pose: Bloom (comes with petals my computer didn’t load them 😦 )

-Infinit- @TheSeasonsStory

-284- Everything is going to be ok…

-284- Everything is going to be ok...

Head: Diana -Vista-

Skin: Glory (April tone freackles) -Pumec- @TheSeasonsStory

Eyes: Bright Eyes gacha -Lotus- @TheSeasonsStory 

Hair: Dawn + hair flowers -Pr!tty-  @TheChapter4

Necklace: Zoya -Nanika-@TheChapter4

Dress: Spring fling -K{<3}P-@TheSeasonsStory 

Shoes: Matilda  -Lybra-@Shoetopia

Pose:  Hanging by a Moment *GACHA* -Ardent Poses – @PoseFair2018 

-281- You should know that you could break me

-281-  You should know that you could break me

Head: Brenda (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Skin and face shape(sold separately) : Rafaela (tone 2) -Revoul- 

Hair: Melon Hair -TETRA-

Tattoo: Jay Henna -Chamaleon-@TheChapter4

Lingerie: Honey -Lybra- @Blush

Rings: Chevaliere rings (for Maytreya and Signature)  -Minimal- @TMD

Pose: Just Pose 3 -Artis-@PoseFair2018 

Disclaimer: This photo was edited in photoshop, some items may vary inworld, please first try demo Thank you!

-280- God knows I tried to feel…

-280- God knows I tried to feel...

Head: Rene (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka- @Uber

Skin and lipstick : Olsen (golden)  -Egozy-

Eye shadow: BasikKit (for akeruka and omega) -SlackGril- @TheChapter4

Hair: Sure, Jan -Exile-

Necklace and earring: Boga -Shanghai-@TheChapter4

Dress and boots: Nagia -Scandalize-

Pose: Spring break 3 -ValorPoses-@PoseFair2018