-237- I’m tired, let mommy light a cigarette

-237-  I'm tired, let mommy light a cigarette

Head: Marlene – GenesisLab-


Hair: Beverly  – FABIA- @Cosmopolitan

Outfit: Lara /Boots/Jumpsuit/shirt -HaveUnequal-@TheChapter4

Pets: Busy Westie /me tired hold/ Ho hi Hold (gacha) -BlackBantam-@TheChapter4

Pose: Smoking Bento pose  -K & S-


-236- The Spirit of the Forest is in me ♥

-236- The Spirit of the Forest is in me ♥


Gaia 2.1 bento motion capture – LAQ- 

Skin: Josie (tone 02)  -Session-

Eyes: Charmant Eyes (rare 17) -Lotus- @TheChapter4

Hair: Slow dancing -Exile-  @Collabor88

Necklace: Ailin -Fortuna- @SenseEvent (Opens 15th Jenuary )

Dress: Roana (pack 5) -Lakshmi- @4Mesh 

 Pose: Sexy 1 -DHX-@4Mesh 

-223- Beautiful mess ♥

-223- Beautiful mess ♥

Skin: Serika/Omega/CottonCandy/ – 7DeadlySkins-


Head: Giselle Bento head /Christmas gift/  -Altamura-

Hair with Hat: Cat  – FABIA-  @PayingitFowardEvent

Eyes: Toda Eyes -Arte- @TheChapter4

Top: Fuzzy white -RustRepublic- @PayingitFowardEvent

Short: Eva short -Gaia- @TheChapter4

Stockings: Cozy – LX-@TheChapter4

BackGround Sweet Heart -Brick and pink cube /cereal+milk strawberry -NoSignal- @TheChapter4

Pose: Befuddled -K & S-

A detailed Pic of Giselle 😀

Giselle ♥

-220- Peace, Love and Tolerance ♥

-220- Peace, Love and Tolerance ♥


Head/shape/skin: Scarlet (Bento motion capture) – LAQ- 

Eyeshadow: Christmas shadow (gift) -SlackGirl-@TheChapter4

Nails: Rita mesh nail  -SlackGirl-@TheChapter4

Hair: Weekender  -Exile- 

Dress: Santa Baby Dress -Exile-

Boots: Latvia -Essenz- @PayingitFowardEvent


Christmas Tree All Colors -Roiro- @TheChapter4

Kugel Box  -Roiro- @TheChapter4

Cute Christmas Dolls  -LesSucreriesDeFairy- @TheChapter4

Holdable Christmas Tree (On left hand) -LesSucreriesDeFairy- @TheChapter4

Christmas Ball (worn on right hand) -SpotCat-

-219- Christmas Glow ♥

-219- Christmas Glow ♥

Head: Lilly – Catwa-


Skin: Karisma (#9) -Spirit- @TheChapter4

Hair: Soft Touch -Exile-@Collabor88

Nails: Rita mesh nail  -SlackGirl-@TheChapter4

Necklace: Sabrina set  -Supernatural- 

Head accesorie: Neige Dark wood -AZOURY- 

Dress: Ara  -Lybra-@FaMESHed

Pose: gacha pose set 4  -K & S- @ImaginariumEvent

Candle and Snowflakes: Rustic Christmas set  -Insurrektion-@Whimsical