-251- Maybe…a Sad history

-251- Maybe...a Sad history

Head and body (bento) : Jenny  -Altamura-

Hair: Boomi (browns)  -Pr!tty- @TheChapter4

Choker and Bracelet: Clara -Nanika-@TheChapter4

Outfit: Candy Rose (corset,skirt,pantie)  -Seniha- @FetishEvent

Shoes: Deloris -Mosquito’sWay-@TheChapter4

Pose: Hentai pose 5  -K & S-@HentaiFair


-238- Omg I can’t believe he send you that pic!!

-238- Omg I can't belive he send you that pic!!

Chichita’s Look:

Head: Marlene – GenesisLab-

Hair: Allison  – FABIA- @TrésChic

Dress: Anja – DeadDollz-

Pose: Partiality (I edited the head with animare/Original pose )  -K & S- @MOM

Eka’s Look:

Head: Simone -Lelutka-

Blouse: Abigail Shirt  – DeadDollz-

Leggings: Cake – Blueberry-

Hair: Becky -Entwined-

Rings: Anarchy Rings -Astralia-

Cellphone:  Reignmas reigndeer phone plug -Reing-