-353-You can judge me … it’s ok.

-353-You can judge me ... it's ok.

Head: Simone -Lelutka-

Skin: Birdie (tone 07)   -GlamAffair-

Hair: Frankie -Mina Hair- @Hairfair2018

Necklace: Alura  -Amias-@VanityEvent

Outfit: Top/Leggings/Jacket Elva  -Scandalize-  @Uber

Shoes: Daytripper Booties -WhiteRiverCo-

Pose: Moment wait bento pose -K & S-@Limit8 


-346- Into the wild ♥


Catya -Catwa-

Maze (tone 07) -GlamAffair-

Catwa HB 05 & Collier add-on  -TableauVivant –@Kinky

Body Seduction outfit white   -Scandalize- @ The Arcade Gacha Event

Skirt Seduction outfit pink   -Scandalize- @The Arcade Gacha Event

Heels Seduction outfit white   -Scandalize- @The Arcade Gacha Event

Seduction cheetah rare   -Scandalize-@The Arcade Gacha Event

-318- Your love makes me happy ♥

-318- Your love makes me happy ♥

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Kira (tone 05) -GlamAffair-

Lipstick: Set 03 -GlamAffair-

Blush: Julija -ChocolateAtelier- @TheSeasonsStory 

Eye applier: Pick me (gacha) -Sugarjam- @TheSeasonsStory 

Rings: Pisione Rings Set -PSYCHO:Byts-@TheSeasonsStory 

Hair: Spring Break  -Exile- 

Outfit: Aile (collab with Noir)  -Scandalize-

Pose: Yassie Bento stand -Kikay- @PoseFair

Background: Vege Backdrop 8 -Minimal-  @TheEpiphany

-303- You did not break me, I’m still fighting for peace

-303- You did not break me, I'm still fighting for peace

Head and skin: Elle (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Eyes applier: Intuition (gacha 12) -Lotus- @ The Chapter 4

Hair: Bleach -Moon-@ The Chapter 4

Necklace: Lelya Jewelry -Nanika- @ The Chapter 4

Outfit: Mulbery top and pants   -Scandalize-@Equal10

Shoes: Akito Heels  -Breathe- @PocketGacha

-297- Come with me my Love ♥

-297- Come with me my Love ♥

Head: Greer -Lelutka-

Skin: Amy (tone 01) -Session-

Hair: Ronda  – FABIA- @Kinky

Headband: Soho -Dahlia-@FaMESHed 

Necklace: Rosella gold -TheForge-@FaMESHed 

Feet Accesory:  Summer Heat feet rings and ankles -Astralia-@FaMESHed 

Pants: Sarah Culotte grey tartan -Ohemo- @FaMESHed 

Top: Cynthia  -Scandalize- @Cosmopolitan

-289- Y sin embargo…

-289- Y sin embargo...

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Demi (tone 2) -Revoul- @Bloom

Eyelashes: Day to night -#oohlala- @TheChapter4

Hair: Lotus  -Mina Hair- @FaMESHed

Nebula Set: Cassiopeia necklace rare/Nebula nose ring/Orion Bracelet -SPELL-

Outfit: Dexi  Leggings/Heels and Top -Scandalize-@TrésChic

Pose: Cross beat -LePoppycock-@TheChapter4