-199- Come on!

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Vella (tone F01) -Modish-  @Cosmopolitan  Eyes: catwa applier “all about eyes” -Catwa PowderPack October- -Modish-  Tattoo: T-28 – Tattoo Mania – @MOM  Top and skirt: Jay & Joy  – Avale –@Cosmopolitan  Hair: hannah  -Mina Hair- @Hairology Pose: Audacity bento pose 1 -K & S- @HME

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-187- Dirty Dancing

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Diana (tone 5) -E.Vary-   Hair base: Bibi  -E.Vary-   Legs tattoo: T-27 – Tattoo Mania – Choker: Livy (black)   -Supernatural- Dress: Star Dress   -Pulse-  Shoes: Annie  -Lybra- @Shoetopia

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-173- Relax my Monster!

Head: Catya – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Chanel -Egozy- ( I will do a clean shot soon) Shape: Esmeralda -Lilo’s Fit-@TheChapter4 Makeup: Mei applier set (lot of options!)  -Shiny Stuffs- @AnyBody  Hair: Beatrice – FABIA- @Hairology (open soon) Tattoo: T-24– Tattoo Mania – @AnyBody Outfit: Raven   -Lybra- @Thereafter  Legs: Gazelle  -AZOURY- @We♥RP Left pose: Fearless (Bento) -K & S- @HME  Details

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-172- Every time I come back home is like…peace ♥

Head: Lulu -Akeruka- Sponsors Skin: Adela -E.Vary-  Lipstick:  Passion (omega) -E.Vary-  Eyes: Adeline  -LOTUS- @TheChapter4 Tattoo: T-19 – Tattoo Mania – @AnyBody Hair: Emma  -Mina Hair-   Earrings: Balance – Bubble-@TheChapter4 Necklaces: Frida Necklace -Supernatural- Bodysuit: Cledence  -Pulse-@TheChapter4 Shoes:  Huguette High Heel  [Red] -AZOURY- @TheChapter4 Details 

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-161- A Demon’s Love

Head: Catya -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Siria (milk tone)   -WoW Skins- @MBA Brows and lipstick: Elegance set -WoW Skins- @AnyBody Eyes:  Rare mesh eyes (unisex) -E.Vary-  Full body Tattoo: T-17  – Tattoo Mania – Hair: Just another night  -Exile- @Collabor88 Bracelet with claws: Voodoo Bones  -Insurrektion- @TheFantasyCollective Shoes: Jane -N-core- @MBA Outfit: Melina (top and skirt) – Impulse Modern –   Left pose: I’m for you (pose 6) […]

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-131- The one that got away

Head and skin: Lulu -Akeruka- Sponsors Skin: Lulú applier -WoW Skins- Hair: Anastasia – FABIA- @Shiny shabby Body Tattoo: T-19 – Tattoo Mania – @AnyBody  Feet Tattoo: flora  -Facade-  @WOH3 Top: Crop Tank Top  -Kaithleen’s- Pants: Leisure  -Kaithleen’s-

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-117- All I can do is Sing!

Head: Catya (bento) -Catwa- Sponsors Skin and face shape:  Reema (milk) -WoW Skins-  @MBA Lipstick: Smudged lips -Zombie Suicide- @TheDarkStyleFair4 Tattoo: T-17  – Tattoo Mania – Hair: Night (natural tones)  – FABIA- Claws: Redemption Claws -Merlific-  @AnyBody  Dress:  Asymmetric dress -Pulse-  Shoes: Enia – Utopia@Design– @AnyBody  Right and Left poses: Rock With Me -LittlePiggy- 

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-116- Not in my mind

Head: Hanna (Bento) -Akeruka- Sponsors Skin and makeup: Emily (pale) -Egozy-  Tattoo: T-16  – Tattoo Mania – Hair: Milana (natural tones)  – FABIA- @SaNaRae Choker: Olyan -Codex-  @ShinyShabby (Opens 20th May) Rings: Flora Rings (bento hands)  -Codex- @ShinyShabby (Opens 20th May) Dress: Crystalize dress -Pulse-  Shoes: Ziggy T-straps -Fri. Day- @Uber Poses: -K & S-  

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Head: Catya (bento) – Catwa- Sponsors Skin and Face Shape: Anais (Bronze/comes with make up too)  -WoW Skins-  Tattoo: T-15  – Tattoo Mania –@AnyBody  Hair: Wind (Natural Colors)  – FABIA-  @WhoreCouture  Skirt and leg garter: Grace (black) )-Supernatural-  @MBA

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