Head: Catya (Bento) – Catwa- Sponsors Skin (my Shape): Kamilla  (Tan)  -EGOZY-  Outfit: Bambi (top and skirt)  – AVALE – @TresChic Knee accessory: Paige (black)  -SUPERNATURAL-  @KawaiiProyect 

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Head: Catya (bento) -Catwa- Skin and face shape: Honey (fair)  -EGOZY- Dress: Stellar Dress  -Pulse- @Shiny Shabby Necklace: Wanda (gold)  -Supernatural-  @On9 (until today after in the store) Pose: Set Female 1 ( Pack 4 poses) – S26-

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Sponsors Skin and makeup : Janelle (Nougat) -EGOZY- (New sponsor yay! ) Hair: Marisela (natural tones)  – FABIA- (Coming soon!) Dress: Georgia  – AVALE –@Cosmopolitan (opens on 27th March) Shoes: Nena Heels (Begie)  – FAME FEMME – @Shoetopia

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Skin: Aria (peach)  -Izzie’s- Sponsors Bento Mesh Head: Aggie -Altamura- Neck and head tattoo: Strong urban line (works with Altamura and omega friendly) -Altamura- Arms tattoo: Asa – Arabic Tattoos-  Harness Set: Top/Harness/pantie – Chemical Princess-  @AnyBody  Shoes and leg warmers: Sadie Plattforms (Cloud) -Fri. Day-@Shoetopia Pose: Dreams (pack x 3) – S26-

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Head: Catya (bento) -Catwa- Sponsors Skin and Face Shape: Giulia (caffe) -WoW Skins- @MBA Tattoo: Aruna -Facade- @SkinFair   Hair: Dory (Naural tones) – FABIA- @Hairologi (20%off) Dress: Envy Dress -Pulse- @Cosmopolitan Necklace and Choker: Katrina (gold) -Supernatural-  @Shiny Shabby

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Head: Catya (Bento) – Catwa- Eyebrows: Tousled brow – Lurid- Sponsors Skin and face shape: Pam (Milk)( only 200L!) -WoW Skins-  @DC Event Bodysuit: Elysium  -Pulse- Necklace and Choker: Kendall (silver) -Supernatural-  @TresChic Shoes: Terra Heels (White transparent)  – Fame Femme – 

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Head : Catya (bento)- Catwa- Sponsors Skin and face shape: Pam (Golden)( only 200L!) -WoW Skins-  @DC Event Tattoo: Progression  -Facade- @MOM  Outfit: Harness Dress Paris  (Dress and Boots color HUD) – Impulse Modern – 

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Head: Catya (Bento) – Catwa- Sponsors  Skin:Emily (Common 2)  – Erde-  @Lootbox  Dress: Nikita  – Avale –@Cosmopolitan Choker and Necklace: Lucille (gold)  -Supernatural- @Cosmopolitan Anklet: Carolina (gold)  -Supernatural- @AnyBody  Shoes: Freesia Heels – Glamistry –

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Head: Catya (Bento) – Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Emily (common 4)  – Erde-  @Lootbox  Tattoo: Love Yourself – Black Swan –  Top: Oopsey Me – Holly Pocket- @WhoreCouture  Skirt: Untie Me – Holly Pocket- @WhoreCouture 

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Head: Catya (Bento) -Catwa- Sponsors Skin: Emily (common 1)  – Erde-  @Lootbox  Arms Tattoo: Peaceful (Omega) -Supernatural-  @SkinFair Leg Tattoo: Freedom (Omega)  -Supernatural-  @SkinFair Pasties and panties: Emily  -Supernatural- Dress: FMD dress (group gift- Hud with options)  – Chemical Princess-  Head Accesorie: Crown Mask (Hud with options) – Chemical Princess-  Shoes: Columbine Sandals  – Glamistry –  Poses with the katana: Lady Dragon -West End-  @VirtualSecretsSalesRoomEvent

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