-364- Buddy…we have no idea where are we

-364- Buddy...we have no idea where are we

Head: Pink -Catwa-

Skin: Venus golden tone -Egozy-


Hair: Karen  -Mina Hair- @FameshedGo

Shirt: Aria Button up Top -Blueberry-

Cardigan: Autumn Dusk Cardi (navy) -WhiteRiverCo-

Jean: Genie   -Lybra-@Equal10

Booties: Eventide -WhiteRiverCo-

Pose: Kad -BellePoses-


Hair: Brat Hairstyle + Accessories  -Beusy-

Jacket: Maria Bomber jackets -Blueberry-

Top: Maria FP exclusive top  -Blueberry-

Jeans: Aria Stylized pants Blueberrybooty -Blueberry-

Wrap around waist: Maria -Blueberry-

Booties: Autumn Dusk Boots -WhiteRiverCo-

Pose with the doggie: Buddy A  -FashiowlPoses-


-361- These streets are mine

-361- Thes streets are Mine

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin and face shape: Pepper tone 07  -GlamAffair-@Kustom9

Hair: Kim  -Mina Hair- @XbyFameshed

Bralette: Mary Jane  -LeFilCassé- @XbyFameshed

Strappy Panty/garter/stocking/fur: Ryanna collection  -LeFilCassé-  @Epiphany

Pose: Sho bento pose  -K & S-  @Harajuku

Background: Nakano Back Alley -Varonis-

-353-You can judge me … it’s ok.

-353-You can judge me ... it's ok.

Head: Simone -Lelutka-

Skin: Birdie (tone 07)   -GlamAffair-

Hair: Frankie -Mina Hair- @Hairfair2018

Necklace: Alura  -Amias-@VanityEvent

Outfit: Top/Leggings/Jacket Elva  -Scandalize-  @Uber

Shoes: Daytripper Booties -WhiteRiverCo-

Pose: Moment wait bento pose -K & S-@Limit8 

-340- How it hurts to see you sigh for someone who doesn’t make you happy


Head: Maia (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Skin: Jada (tone 07)  -GlamAffair-

Eyeshadow: Silvi (group gift) -Zibska-@SenseEvent 

Hair: Carissa  -Mina Hair-@FaMESHed

Top: Trinity Bustier  -LeFilCassé-   @Ultra

Skirt: Trina  -LeFilCassé-  @Whimsical

Necklace: Sofia Collar set -Gemini- @SenseEvent 

hand jewel : Alwyn -Amias-@TheTrunkShow

-324- It was a crazy night my Girl…!


Head: Genus Bento Beta head -Genus-

Hair: Noah (in both avis)  -Mina Hair- 

Right Chichi

Skin: Aaliyah Tone Gold -Egozy-

Necklace: Tysa (gold)-Minimal- 

Top: Mikaela (white) -LeFilCassé-  @TheEpiphany

Skirt: Mikaela (white) -LeFilCassé-  @TheEpiphany

Shoes: Jocelin Heels -Breathe-   @TheEpiphany

Pose: Strike bento pose 2 -K & S-@Limit8 

Left Chichi 

Skin: Aaliyah Tone Fair  -Egozy-

Lipstick: Genus hud lipstick

Necklace: Isla -Minimal- 

Dress: Patricia -LeFilCassé- @TheFantasyCollective

Shoes: Seika heels -Breathe-   @TheEpiphany

Pose: Alone bento pose 1  -K & S- @Cosmopolitan