-312- And you came to me at the time I needed you, JP .

-312- And you came to me at the time I needed you, JP .

Head:  Brenda (Deluxe Bento Head) -Akeruka-

Skin: Summer (tan) -Egozy-

Hair: Yelena  -Mina Hair-

Outfit: Aroa suit (bikini and skirt)  -Seniha-@PocketGacha

Pose: I am bento pose  -K & S- @GachaLand


-307- And now I’m reaching out with every note I sing, and I hope it gets to you on some pacific wind


Head: Catya – Catwa-

Skin: Christina (Tan) -Egozy-

Hair: Lianne  -Mina Hair-@GoodVivesFair

Outfit: Dina (short/top/bra)   -N-Uno-

Bag: Dorika  -C’est laVie!- @FLF

Pose: Unavailable pose 2  -K & S-@DubaiEvent

-296- This is where magic comes true


Head: Madison 3.05 . LAQ . 

Skin: Madison tone 2.0  . LAQ . 

Shape: Madison (full perm/my shape) . LAQ . 

Hair: Sigrid -Mina Hair-  @FaMESHed 

Top: Scarlett -GizSeorn- @FaMESHed 

Short: Sass – Neve-@FaMESHed 

Shoes: Akio Heels  -Breathe-@FaMESHed 

Scene: Worplace/ Studio/ Resting Place / Drying Rack/ Paint Can Lamp /Backyard Art Studio -DRD-   @FaMESHed 

-289- Y sin embargo…

-289- Y sin embargo...

Head: Catya -Catwa-

Skin: Demi (tone 2) -Revoul- @Bloom

Eyelashes: Day to night -#oohlala- @TheChapter4

Hair: Lotus  -Mina Hair- @FaMESHed

Nebula Set: Cassiopeia necklace rare/Nebula nose ring/Orion Bracelet -SPELL-

Outfit: Dexi  Leggings/Heels and Top -Scandalize-@TrésChic

Pose: Cross beat -LePoppycock-@TheChapter4

-253- Beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful places ♥

-253- Beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful places ♥

Head: Marlene – GenesisLab-

Hair: Sanne  -Mina Hair-@FaMESHed

Jewelry set: Eirwen (earrings/choker/necklace) -Zibska-@SenseEvent 

Outfit: Valvena top and pants  -Scandalize-@FaMESHed

Shoes: Joyce -ZK-@SenseEvent 

Pose: Lovin’ shoes -Emozione-@SenseEvent 

Decor: Lulworth set (Vanity table/makeup/table clutter) -Randale-@SenseEvent