-251- Maybe…a Sad history

Head and body (bento) : Jenny  -Altamura- Hair: Boomi (browns)  -Pr!tty- @TheChapter4 Choker and Bracelet: Clara -Nanika-@TheChapter4 Outfit: Candy Rose (corset,skirt,pantie)  -Seniha- @FetishEvent Shoes: Deloris -Mosquito’sWay-@TheChapter4 Pose: Hentai pose 5  -K & S-@HentaiFair

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-223- Beautiful mess ♥

Skin: Serika/Omega/CottonCandy/ – 7DeadlySkins- Sponsors Head: Giselle Bento head /Christmas gift/  -Altamura- Hair with Hat: Cat  – FABIA-  @PayingitFowardEvent Eyes: Toda Eyes -Arte- @TheChapter4 Top: Fuzzy white -RustRepublic- @PayingitFowardEvent Short: Eva short -Gaia- @TheChapter4 Stockings: Cozy – LX-@TheChapter4 BackGround Sweet Heart -Brick and pink cube /cereal+milk strawberry -NoSignal- @TheChapter4 Pose: Befuddled -K & S- A detailed Pic of Giselle 😀

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-211- Maybe you will not come…

Sponsors Head: Kim (bento)  -Altamura-@4Mesh  Full body and bento hands: Kim   -Altamura- @4Mesh  Skin: Spark (tone 3) -Alaskametro- @4Mesh  Hair: Abby  – FABIA- @Whimsical Outfit: Leather jacket with dress-Fame Femme- @District20 Socks: Abby  -Fri. Day- Chair: Nuzzle chair “Hello fall” -CC-@TheChapter4 Right Pose: Mi   -BellePoses- @4Mesh 

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-165- When I think about you…

Head: Kim (Bento)  -Altamura-  (old sponsor ♥) Sponsors Hair: Old Flames   -Exile-  Tattoo: Hope tattoo (rare) -Nanika-  @TheChapter4 Gloves with rings: Chanel rings  -Codex- @ShinyShabby Tank: Sonya Ripped Tank   -Fame Femme- @TresChic Shoes: Azalea heels – Glamistry –  Poses: Bound blinfold set   -WetCat-  @XXXEvent

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-133- The afternoon

Sponsors Head: Kim (bento) -Altamura-   @eBento Piercing: Kim bento punk piercing -Altamura-   @eBento Skin: Gaia (omega friendly) -WoW Skins- Eyes: Rare mesh eyes unisex  -E.Vary-  @AnyBody  Tattoo: chest paint -Arise-  @AnyBody  Hair: Lust for life (bento)  -Exile- @Collarbor88 Blouse: Torri striped blouse -Fame Femme- @Cosmopolitan Lingerie: Kimono Panties -SinfulSky-  @AnyBody  Couple pose: Feel so good (1) -K & S- Single Pose: Me, Myself and I ( set 7)  -K […]

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-119- When the morning comes

Sponsors Head Bento and Body Mesh: Aggie -Altamura-  Shape for Aggie: Russian shape -Altamura-  Lipstick: Janet (color hud) -Altamura-  Eyeshadow: Valentina (color hud) -Altamura-  Skin: Nove -7deadlyskins- (was available on Anybody event) Bodysuit: Stamina body pearl   -Kaithleen’s-  Necklace: Femme -Codex- @Cosmopolitan Hair: Lara (comes with headbrand too)  -Mina Hair- @Rewind

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-96- In your arms

Sponsors  Bento Mesh Head: Monique -Altamura- Shape: British Shape for Monique Head -Altamura- Skin: Aly (tan- its for Laq but Omega friendly also) -WoW Skins-  Tattoo: Necka (henna) – Arabic Tattos- Pasties: Carten (color hud) -Moncler- Panties: Theo high waist panties (color hud) -Narcisse- @AnyBody  Leg chain: Live -Pervette- @AnyBody  Hair: Nika Bron set 6 – – FABIA- @GachaGuardians  Pose: Impulse set 1 (pose […]

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